Asymmetric Catalysis

The group focus on the development of new catalytic asymmetric processes for the synthesis of chiral intermediates potentially useful for applications in pharmaceutical, agrochemical and perfumery industries. In the frame of this main objective, the group focus in the design of ‘tailor-made’ catalysts structures for relevant applications. Different aspects are covered within this broad context, including transition-metal mediated catalysis (specially by complexes based in N-heterocyclic carbene and hydrazone ligands) and Organocatalysis, with emphasis in the development of new activation strategies and environmentally bening processes using water water as the reaction medium. The specific  objectives targeted vary from the improvement of properties such as the catalytic activity and selectivity for known reactions to the development of new synthetic methodologies based in unprecedented reactivities.

7th Framework Program, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación and Junta de Andalucía
Selected Publications
Publications in journals
Azabora[5]helicene Charge-Transfer Dyes Show Efficient and Spectrally Variable Circularly Polarized Luminescence
Z. Domínguez, R. López-Rodríguez, E. Álvarez, S. Abbate, G. Longhi, U. Pischel and A. Ros
Chemistry – A European Journal
24 (48)
Publications in journals
Dynamic Kinetic Asymmetric Heck Reaction for the Simultaneous Generation of Central and Axial Chirality
J. A. Carmona, V. Hornillos, P. Ramírez-López, A. Ros, J. Iglesias-Sigüenza, E. Gómez-Bengoa, R. Fernández and J. M. Lassaletta
Journal of the American Chemical Society
140 (35)
Procedimiento de obtención de un azocompuesto o nitrosoderivado enantioméricamente puro o enriquecido mediante reacción hetero-carbonil-énica
Lassaleta SImón, José María; Crespo Peña, Ana; Monge Fernández, David; Fernández Fernández, Rosario; Martín Zamora, María Eloisa
Derivado 2,6-diborilado de areno y su obtención mediante diborilación orto-dirigida
José María Lassaleta Simón, Abel Ros Laó, Rocío López Rodríguez, Rosario Fernández Fernández, Beatriz Estepa Sánchez