Biological Chemistry

The research developed in our group is highly multidisciplinary. It focuses the study of the molecular bases that rule several biological processes, such as transport phenomena through water or ion channels, as well as the role of the tachykinin receptors belonging to the family of membrane receptors linked to the G protein.

From a chemical approach, we study on the one hand the synthesis and properties of hydrophilic and hydrophobic pores as models for natural ion and water channels. These systems allow us to go in depth into the structural and dynamic properties of confined water, which is in turn involved in several biological phenomena of interest. For this purpose, Solid State NMR and Far Infrared spectroscopy are used. On the other hand, a synthetic approximation of a Ca2+ antagonist is studied in order to obtain information about the structure/activity relation in voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels.

From a pharmacological approximation, we study the effect of active compounds on tachykinergic receptors and the relation between chemical structure and pharmacological activity, with the aim of establishing the necessary requirements for the synthesis of active compounds on tachykinergic receptors.

A next line of research involves the knowledge on how the combination of nutrients and secondary metabolites of plants mediates in the plant-animal interactions, observing the process from a evolutionary ecology perspective.

Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia and Junta de Andalucía
Selected Publications
Type: Publications in journals
Effect of dietary supplementation with a highly pure and concentrated docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) supplement on human sperm function
Authors: C. González-Ravina, M. Aguirre-Lipperheide, F. Pinto, D. Martín-Lozano, M. Fernández-Sánchez, V. Blasco, E. Santamaría-López and L. Candenas
Publication Year: 2018
Pages: 282-288
Magazine: Reproductive Biology
Volume: 18 (3)
Type: Publications in journals
Altered glutamyl-aminopeptidase activity and expression in renal neoplasms
Authors: Lorena Blanco, Begoña Sanz, Itxaro Perez, Clara E Sánchez, M Luz Cándenas, Francisco M Pinto, Javier Gil, Luis Casis, José I López and Gorka Larrinaga
Publication Year: 2014
Pages: 386-394
Magazine: BMC Cancer
Volume: 14