The Institute for Chemical Research (IIQ) relays on professors from the University of Seville among its staff, who are involved in various subjects of the  Chemistry Degree. In addition to this participation, the IIQ participates in various training programs, among which are:

Master's Degree in Advanced Studies in Chemistry (University of Seville)

The main objective of the Graduate Program in Chemistry is training new researchers and preparing research teams to face successfully the new social challenges, besides supporting the training of future university staff and improve the professional, scientific and technical development from graduates in chemistry. The Chemical Research Institute’s staff participates in the following subjects follows in the Master:

• Structure, bond and reactivity of organometallic compounds
• Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis
• Seminar - Advanced Spectroscopy Laboratory

Postgraduate Course in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Applications in Chemistry and Biochemistry

The aim of this course is to expand knowledge in RMN of researchers in chemical and biochemical with an emphasis on his practical applications in research in organic chemistry, organometallic and structural biology. The course includes a practical section which covers basic operation of a high resolution NMR spectrometer and processing management software.

Board for the extension of studies of Spanish National Research Council

The Institute for Chemical Research (IIQ), a Join Center by Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the University of Seville, may be the destination of the grants and contracts’s beneficiaries of JAE program (Board for the extension of studies), directed at training of technical and scientific staff. This program covers an extensive period of scientific career, from college students of intermediate courses (JAE Intro), to doctors who wish to specialize in different research areas (JAE Doc).

Collaboration with national and international training institutions

Currently the Institute of Chemical Research has agreements with various Secondary Schools in order to this students from Specific Training Courses have the chance to follow the "Training at Work Centers Module" in the center's facilities. Also has an agreement with the University of Montpellier 2 to provide a mandatory training practic period for getting the University Diploma in Technology.
Al ser el Instituto de Investigaciones Químicas un centro mixto entre el CSIC y la Universidad de Sevilla, existe un convenio de colaboración educativa entre ambos organismos para los estudiantes universitarios puedan realizar en el IIQ prácticas de formación académica.

Academic Training Practices

As a Joint Center by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the University of Seville, there is an educational partnership agreement between the two organizations for college students, who can execute academic practices in the IIQ.