Elemental Analysis Service

Elemental Analysis Service performs quantitative analysis of solid and viscous liquid samples for the content of C (carbon), H (hydrogen), N (nitrogen), S (sulfur) and O (oxygen) measured as a percentage of the weight.

The analysis technique is based on the complete combustion of the sample, under optimal conditions (950 to 1300 ° C and pure oxygen) to convert the aforementioned elements in simple gases (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water and sulfur dioxide). These gases, after being separated by different techniques, are measured and processed taking into account the weight of the sample and the data from a standard sample, thereby obtaining the percentage content of each element in the sample.

Elemental analysis and microanalysis is used primarily to verify the composition of drugs and other synthetic products, including aromatics, polynuclear (anthracene, naphthalene ..), steroids (cholesterol, testosterone, ...), nitrogen heterocyclic derivatives (caffeine, urea, ...), polymers (nylon, PVC, Teflon, ...), organometallic, halogenated, etc.. Other important applications are the analysis of coal, gasoline and fuel in general, oils, explosives, food, fertilizer, etc.

Analyses are performed on a Elemental Analyzer LECO TruSpec CHN .