Pedro Manuel Nieto Mesa

Senior researcher
pedro [dot] nieto [at] iiq [dot] csic [dot] es
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95 448 9568
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Pedro M. Nieto obtained his PhD in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 1994 under the supervisión of Prof. Javier de Mendoza and Dr. Pilar Prados in Supramolecular Chemistry of Calix[6]arenes with honors. After he did postdoctoral work in the National Institute for Medical Research from the Medical Research Council with Dr. Jim Feeney in the Dept. of Molecular Structure working in Protein NMR interested in the dynamic aspects and in the relationship between structure and dynamics. In 1997 moved to the Instituto de Investigaciones Químicas in Sevilla joining the “Grupo de Carbohidratos” with Prof. Manuel Martín-Lomas where become responsible of the structural projects. In 2001 awarded a Ramón y Cajal Fellowship and became CSIC tenured Scientist in 2002. Since then, has been working in different aspects of the Molecular Recognition of Biomolecules always from a structural perspective and combining experimental NMR data with theoretical calculations. During this period has been taking duties as responsible of the NMR facilities of the IIQ. In 2010 promotes to CSIC Researcher.

Research Areas

  • Molecular basis of the molecular recognition of carbohydrates by proteins using NMR and Computational Tools (MD, MD-tar and Docking)
    • Glycosaminoglycans and Protein (FGF-1, ECP) Interactions
    • DC-SIGN / Langerin and carbohydrates or glycomimetics
  • Three-dimensional structure of carbohydrates of biological relevance
    • GPI
    • Iminosugars
  • NMR methodological aspects on redox proteins.
  • New NMR sequences and tools for structural elucidation.


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